Studio Closure

(updated 8/1)

Dear Musical Magic Families,


Due to COVID-19, Musical Magic closed in mid-March. All of you have been in our hearts and minds and we hope that you have all remained safe and well. Thank you to Bucktown Music for hosting our spring families and giving them a wonderful virtual home at this time. 


At it’s very core Musical Magic is the community we create together. Every one of you play a role in allowing us to be spirited away to our magical world; from the talented and engaging teachers to the kind and loving caregivers and parents, to the beautifully developing Boogyin' Babies and Pip Squeaks to the ever-adventurous Tappin’ Toddlers, Miss Katie, the Giraffe, the Monkey, and even the Moon.


The magic in Musical Magic comes from our intentional exploration of all of our senses, including taste (thank you for your service, Mr. Drool Bag). The magic requires that we are free to do things that we simply cannot do now because it isn’t safe. The health, safety, and comfort of our families is the very foundation upon which we build our whole world. 


We are sad to say that Musical Magic is closing our doors indefinitely. We will no longer be operating out of the Roscoe Village location the business has had since its inception in 2002. We also remember that our beloved 2255 West Roscoe was never what made our time together magic. It was you. It was us.


So Long, Goodbye, Farewell for now, and a sincere thank you to each and every one of you for making the years of Musical Magic so meaningful.