Rockin' Rules:


Please be sure to bring or wear socks as all adults must have sock-covered feet in the carpeted area of the studio. If you do not have socks, we will ask you to purchase a pair from us for $2.00. Make sure your caregivers know this too!



  • If your child puts any prop into their mouth, please put it in our blue DROOL bag that hangs on the closet door. We wash those separately.

  • During class, the kids are free to explore the room, but please be careful of them knocking down the song board easel or bumping their heads on a shelf.

  • Also, as a reminder: we want to keep the focus of the class on the kids. We ask that you keep any adult conversation to before or after class or in between songs and not during songs.  

  • As such, we also request cell phone use be at a minimum. If you must take a call, please do so in the lobby quietly. Cell phone conversations in the studio are a distraction to the teacher and other families.



  • All snacks and bottles must only be consumed in the lobby of our studio. Additionally, as a courtesy to children with food allergies, please check with a child’s parent or caregiver before offering a snack to a child that is not your own. 

  • Please note: we are a NUT-FREE facility. To prevent the risk of any emergency allergic reactions, please keep all snacks containing nuts (trail mix, peanut butter crackers, etc.) at home.


Here’s what we can do together to help prevent your child from getting sick:

  • If you are sick, or if your little one is sick, please stay home.  Musical Magic has a generous make-up policy: if you miss a class, you can make up that class anytime during the current session. Please do your best to give us a heads up if you’re missing class. Also, please call us (773-529-5600), e-mail us (, or fill out a make-up class form on our website ahead to schedule your make-up

  • If your child comes to class visibly ill (i.e. runny nose, fever, etc.) we reserve the right to ask that you not stay for class and rather schedule a make-up class when your child is feeling better.

  • We have hand sanitizer at the front desk that you are encouraged to use before and after class.

  • Also, please be vigilant about putting all drooly props into the blue drool bag so that we can clean those separately.  

  • We also clean the plastic instruments and other props with non-toxic wipes and swap out the soft props daily like the scarves to be cleaned.

  • Lastly, we employ a cleaning person that scrubs our studio from top to bottom weekly.



Musical Magic allows make-up classes on a space-available basis within the current session your child is enrolled in. If you have a Pip Squeak, for example, you can schedule a make-up class in any other Pip Squeaks class on the current schedule. Also, remember Mixed Medley classes are open to all ages, newborn to four years, and are also good make-up options. If you know you are going to miss a class due to travel or other plans, you can preemptively make-up that class. You can also double up and attend a make-up as well as your regularly scheduled class any given week. Fill out our MAKE-UP CLASS FORM to schedule your make-up class. You can also email us at or call the studio at 773-529-5600. Please call, email us, or submit your make-up form at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your make-up class and we will do our best to accommodate you. Make-up classes remaining at the end of a session cannot be rolled over and/or used as credit towards a future session.



First-time families can Free Preview and be prorated in anytime, on a space-available basis. If a returning family would like to  join us partway through a session, we can prorate you in, as well. There will be an additional administrative proration fee of $10.00.


No refunds will be given after the program session begins.



With Chicago’s potential for blizzards and hazardous road conditions, we may occasionally need to cancel classes for the day. If necessary, Katie Jeep, Owner & Director, will make the decision to cancel classes in the morning by 8 a.m. and will change our voice mail message to reflect our studio being closed due to weather. If you’re questioning whether or not we are open for classes, please call our studio to hear if there is a cancellation message.  If there is not a cancellation message, then class is still on! In the event of a cancellation, we will re-schedule the class at some point during the session.