Music Discovery Program

Our unique Music Discovery Program is designed for children ages newborn through four-years-old, and classes

are divided into the following age groups: Boogyin' Babies (newborn - 12 months); Pip Squeaks (12 - 24 months); 

Tappin' Toddlers (24 - 36 months); and Mixed Medley (newborn - four - years-old), perfect for siblings!

Boogyin' Babies

 (newborn - 12 months);

Pip Squeaks

  (12 - 24 months)​​

Tappin' Toddlers

​​ (24 - 36 months);

Mixed Medley

 (newborn - 4 years-old)​​




Our music classes are designed to be adult/child interactive.  Ages newborn to four years old is the perfect time to plant the seed for the love of music and self expression through music.  What helps the most when encouraging your little ones to participate and join in on the call and response activities is joining in yourself!  We encourage YOU to sing along, as well as wave a color ribbon, or hop like a kangaroo.  Watching little ones mirror their parents and caregivers is truly the MAGIC in Musical Magic.


We use different props for every song that we sing and the kiddos are free to explore the room as we go through our songs and activities.  In our Pip Squeaks, Tappin' Toddlers, and Mixed Medley classes we'll set down a basket of props in the center of our circle before each song begins.  We ask that you encourage your child to help themselves to a prop, as well as encourage them to clean up at the end of each song.  In the beginning, you might need to guide them a little more to select their own prop and clean up afterwards, while they become more familiar with the routine.  In our Boogyin' Babies classes, a teacher will come around the stationary circle with each basket of props for you to select one.  


We pride ourselves on our cleanliness.  It is expected that some of our many props will go in little ones' mouths.  In our Boogyin' Babies class, EVERY prop is collected in our DROOL bag and cleaned separately.  In any other class, the drool bag is off to the side.  We ask that you use your discretion and add a prop to the drool bag on an as-needed basis.


Please see our Musical Magic Sickness Prevention Policy before you register!