Our Philosophy

At Musical Magic, we encourage budding babes to explore their spirit and imagination through the wonderfully fun, approachable medium of music.


Founded on the principle that music is instrumental in cultivating expressive, imaginative and driven children, Musical Magic also aims to strengthen relationships.  In our ongoing class sessions, we strive to create a Musical Magic community where parents and caregivers are able to meet, greet, and swap stories.  Subsequently, the little ones begin to open up to what is most often their very first "teacher" and set of "classmates"!


We use original songs and a structured class environment to promote children's learning.  Children cultivate dexterity, coordination, decision making and sharing skills with Musical Magic’s numerous props, which include colorful hand puppets, musical instruments, and egg shakers.  To nurture a sense of responsibility and socialization, teachers and parents encourage the children to select their own props before each song begins and to clean up their props after each song is over.  All of these essential skills are developed in a 45 minute class, once a week, throughout an eight week program session.  


Our classes and events are held in our awe-inspiring interior, featuring hand-painted magical landscapes, saxophone-weilding monkeys and elephant drummers.  Clean and organized, Musical Magic captures both childrens' interest and parents' approval from the moment they step inside.  Schedule a Free Preview class and come see for yourself!


Parents Are Singing the Praises of Musical Magic...

​“Between my two children, we have been enrolled at Musical Magic for over two years.  I have personally experienced all of the music classes offered, and by comparison to the many others that we have tried in Chicago, Musical Magic is by far the best!  These classes are in a warm, welcoming environment, have great props and are perfect for babies, toddlers AND pre-schoolers."

Nancy Fullerton


“This is hands down the best music class for babies and toddlers in Chicago...You will not be disappointed!"

Kate P.